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In 1995 I had my first MS episode which put me in a wheelchair. Cortisone drips were sufficient to enable recovery.


2001: MS relapse, progressively disabilitating until 2008 where I collapsed into a ball of cramps and spasms.


With now being totally immobilised, I developed a bedsore on the left side of my hip. A few speckled dots covering no more than a 5 cent piece. This required a minor surface operation to eliminate infection with the next course of cortisone [cortisone suppresses immune system]
This operation turned into an amputation (for some unsupported reason) of both my buttocks, which are essential muscles used for walking. On both of my sides, I found myself with hand size 3cm deep gaping wounds. This is how I was sent home, with copious amounts of painkillers which I was consuming like smarties.
The open wounds putting the last nerves into chaos,spasms and unending cramps


Working in a wheelchair those years, doing physical factory work, I dislodged 3 vertebrae into a cramped state due to the MS.
I was living in hell, where reality became pain (i.e. hear, eat, talk pain) and spasms turning into tears and basically living in a meat shredder. Extreme high doses of Cortisone and also morphine, never mind the "smarties", made me a whiff of myself and I had to face the fact that I was dying. This relentless torture brought me to exhaustion and often loss of consciousness.


I stopped all medication and was prepared to leave this world with a clean mind at least.


Desperately seeking any relief, I remembered Cannabis, which in the past had given me comfort.


And then A MIRACLE! A few drags of a joint and I once in my life again had a sense of relief and a clear mind. So I persisted smoking and started to control the torturous tremors. My only problem was finding a reliable supply and quality. Smoking only brung immediate relief, so I ended up chainsmoking every 5 minutes 24/7, in order to get sufficient amounts of cannabinoids into my system. This stabilised me.
When backpain became unbearable, a few drags helped set the spine at ease and so then realigning it.


After seeing how these cannabinoids were helping me, I decided to do extensive research from all over the world, and came across Cannabis Oil, in which Rick Simpson is an honored pioneer. With this valued advice I was able t develop and further refine an oil for specific needs. My product was born, Oil2Health.


Now, I had found healing by the drop, and experienced first hand how a good cannabinoid profile protects nerves and encourages Neuro-regeneration. The worst MS episodes were over and true healing initiated.


From being a paraplegic, I am now walking stronger by the day, drop by drop!


In December 2013 a friend's 74year old father was given 5 months to live, with Stage 4 Pancreatic, Liver and Kidney Cancer. This required good oil and hours of devotion, as he was also a diabetic, suffered from hypertension, having to swallow pills from several different specialists. When he started taking Oil2Health, slowly but surely he decreased the dosages of his other medications until he could eventually wean himself off totally. Diabetic for 47 years. The oil slowly selfregulated the body.

This great man was eventually cleared of cancer and able to hand a petition to the Durban Major as a cancer survivor which was also reported in the media, and return his "medications" to the pharmacy for recycling.


And so Oil2Health found its way to another family member.
At wits end with the complication of Cortisone and 13 years Epilepsy this dear lady, since taking Oil2Health, has dropped down on her epileptic pills, from 2500mg/day to now only 750mg/day. No more Cortisone and her blood pressure which she has been battling to regulate, is spot on. Light sensitivity from epilepsy is also in the past. This dear lady can for the first time in 20 years see her ankles, due to once swollen feet.

She also lost weight.


Her husband, after only 1 week of taking 1 drop/day of Oil2Health is down from 20mg to 10mg  Enap and his heart rate is slowly selfregulating. His noted side effects are that he is emotionally happy and that an old sports injury in his shoulder and leg has become fully mobile.













NEWS 24: AFP - "Because of the Cannabis Oil, I've got a new child"

A child affected by Costello Syndrome and currently treated with Cannabis oil, is seen on the balcony of his home (Mujahid Safodien, AFP)

2017-08-10 07:45 Johannesburg - For one South African mother, cannabis was an illegal drug to warn her son about when he became a teenager: today, she uses it to treat his rare medical condition.

“When I first heard of medical cannabis, I thought they were smoking it because they wanted to get high," said Susanne, who asked for her real name to be withheld.

"Then I had a kid who could actually benefit from it."

She remembers the impact that cannabis oil appeared to have on her seven-year-old son, who suffers from Costello syndrome which causes delayed physical and mental development.

"A month after he first started taking it we had a family function and they were gobsmacked," she told AFP.

"For the first time he played on his own and didn't need his mummy," she said, explaining he was prone to restlessness and joint pain as a result of the condition.

As well as helping calm him, the Cannabis oil eases the pain that he experiences in his unusually flexible joints, a typical symptom of Costello.

Susanne was persuaded to try the oil by Gerd Bader (OIL2HEALTH), a South African cannabis advocate, who manufactures concentrated cannabis oil to treat his own multiple sclerosis.

“Because of the Cannabis Oil, I’ve got a new child”.




















South African Pensioner uses Cannabis oil (OIL2HEALTH) for Cancer.
By SAFARM | Posted April 29, 2014 | Durban, South Africa

Testimonial: 19/05/2015
My experience with cancer and the cannabis oil treatment : Merle XXX
[patient privacy is respected but contact details available]

I don't go for regular checkups .I'm the type that only goes to a doctor if i'm extremely ill. But on becoming middle aged i thought 'time to go for a papsmear at the womans clinic.
I waited for 6 weeks for the results only to be told "what you have is serious. Is your family complete?" They then  referred me to a specialist at Leratong government hospital .
To cut a long story short...
It has been 2 years since I was first diagnosed with CIN3 High Grade Squamous.
Living with biopsys ,from test result to test result I found out that through CIN3 is still pre-cancerous ; it only has to move up the canal from the cervix to go into the blood stream and lymph glands to become an agressive cancer in many organs. CNI3 is already severe cell damage.
My next biopsy was in June 2015 to go into the canal and see how far it has spread.

When I first saw the Oil2Health post on FB and 'cannabis oil cures cancer' I was sceptical.
As the government hospital kept on making appointments to monitor it, I started to take these posts very seriously and went onto the internet to do some research.
I was desperate. The government hospital's way is to wait for it to become life threatening before they operate ,then to 'chemo' you.      

I did not want to live the rest of my life as a sick person waiting for secondary cancers.


End of January I took the plunge and contacted Gerd.
He is the kindest ,most warm hearted person I know . He explained the whole procedure to me.
The dose you have to maintain is difficult to do , but as you start the course , within a week you start to feel the mutating cells flare up......Then I knew something inside me was happening.

I kept it up , managed to finish the course in just under 80 days . I waited a week for the side effects to subside and went for a test.
Yay !! The result came back . Normal squamous cells . NO ABNORMAL CELLS DETECTED

All I can say is : Thank You Gerd . You have given me my life back. I can now plan my future. No more waiting . You will always remain special in my heart. XXX 

Harry du Plessis is a South African Pensioner who lives in Durban South Africa. A year ago he was diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer, with additional kidney and liver cancer complications. He has been on insulin for the past 35 years for diabetes and has suffered from hyper tension since the age of 26.

In November 2013 he started using cannabis oil, OIL2HEALTH, as the doctors told him to go home and make himself comfortable as the medical world had done all they could.


He opted for OIL2HEALTH, a cannabis oil treatment of a gram a day in October 2013, and six months later he has been off insulin, for over 4 months, and his hyper tension medication has been halved.


Results from the medical profession show that his liver and kidneys are cancer free but official test results are expected later this week.


Now that he is feeling better, the medical fraternity wants to put him on chemo rather than finding out the root of his cured health. Harry is determined to join other participants from 241 cities around the world who are joining the Global Cannabis March that occurs annually on the first Saturday in May.


Harry will be marching down West Street, Durban in KwaZulu Natal South Africa – the home of Durban Poison – at 11h00 to deliver a cannabis manifesto to the Mayor of Durban on the City Hall steps.

My Son of 7

My son started to get out of hand at home and at school. He had us on our feet 24/7. We were called in numerous times at his school for his behavior, teachers telling us he doesn't want to do his work and is fighting with everyone. At home he didn't want to listen to us, if we asked him to do something he would scream at the top of his lungs, or start crying and sometime hit himself and stab himself with sharp objects, and even tried to strangle himself with his own hands around his neck. After one day of being on OIL2HEALTH his behavior has changed tremendously for the better. His teacher gave feedback that he's doing his work nicely and doesn't cry and fight anymore.

My other son of 9

He started having terrible tantrums in class where he would scream and throw chairs in class. I was called in for him as well a few times, as his teacher could not control or handle his behavior anymore, and the class was disrupted on a daily basis. Since he's been on OIL2HEALTH, his behavior is outstanding.


I am a 48-year old male, who at the age of 16 was diagnosed with a rare disease called Von Hippel Lindau (VHL). It is hereditary and we got it from my Mother's side. At a young age there were very little to no symptoms and life carried on normal for a long time. There is no cure nor medicine for VHL and we were advised to go for regular screenings. 

In 1996 my mother passed away at the age of 43 due to the ever growing issues caused by VHL (cysts on organs specifically kidneys, blastomas on brain and spinal cord and cysts on pancreas as well). My mother received no treatment seeing it was an unknown disease no doctor knew what to do. 

In the end the rest of us and my siblings, the only treatment so far is when it's present on the kidneys and grows a certain size, the doctors basically remove the kidney and cut away the cysts and put the kidney back. Also, where possible do surgery on the brain.

In 2012 my eldest sister passed away because of VHL at the age of 42. By the time of her passing, she had numerous operations on her brain, ovaries and kidneys. My one brother who is 2 years younger has had multiple operations on both kidneys, and by 2014, he had lost both kidneys and has been on dialysis since then. In 2020, he got covid and due to his condition, he passed away at the age of 45. My youngest brotherwho has also been diagnosed at the age of 13, has had no surgeries so far but does have growths as per the norm with VHL.

As for myself, I had my first kidney operation in 2013. After that, I have more kidney operations, 2 brain operations and have lost 1 kidney so far. I have always been a very active person. I have a very physical job, I fish regularly, love hunting and camping. I do not smoke, but even with the one kidney, I do enjoy alcohol on a regular basis. With the 1 kidney, my alcohol intake is less because recovery time takes longer.

After my 1st brain surgery I was introduced to Oil2Health, by my youngest brother, who started using it in hopes to stop or at least slow down VHL. He has had very positive results after about 2 years using Oil2Health Cannabis Oil. His blood pressure has stabilized to normal without using any blood pressure medication, and his regular screenings showed no signs of increased growths. He swore by the effects of the cannabis oil and suggested I try it as well.

After starting to use Oil2Health cannabis oil daily, I have been doing better. I have been using the oil for the last 5 years and still going for proper screenings, (cat scans, MRI's and a few more) and are showing no further growths and in some cases regression of the disease. My doctor is amazed because it is much unexpected  (he does not know about the cannabis oil, and I have no plans of informing him yet). I do screenings yearly and am almost looking forward to it lately.

I am turning 50 in two years and that already is a huge accomplishment judging by my family history with VHL. I absolutely believe in the abilities of Cannabis Oil, and would suggest Oil2Health to anyone in need of pain relief and management of diseases like VHL or cancer. I do not think it will heal or recover damaged organs but I am proof it will stop further damage or at least drastically slow it down...END.


The magic oil is part of our lives, and the lives of others we meet
for the rest of our lives!

Our story starts at the beginning of 2015. My youngest brother was 28
and not well. He was experiencing night-sweats, weight loss and
extreme exhaustion. He knew something was not right and off kilter.
We thought he was being a bit if a stick in the mud and a hyper condriac.
He would book blood tests for himself, see specialists, get X-Rays
done - all to lead to one day at the beginning of April where one of
the X-Rays revealed a mass in his thorax.

Thanks to his determination he had found what was to be the start if
an incredible feat!

What one of the X-Rays revealed was a shadowy mass... Later in a CT
scan that shadow turned out to be a 9x7cm mass in his chest behind
one lung and next to his heart.  Also, two lymph nodes (one in his
neck, the other in his groin) were much larger than what they should
have been. ..


We as a family had lost our dear cousin to lymphoma a couple of years
prior, so the panic was instant, we knew what was in store .

We all jumped into action, and started researching like crazy. We
stumbled across the incredible stories of people who used cannabis
oil to cure cancer.  We contacted people in the know who put us in
contact with the right people who could supply us with the oil and the
dosage instructions.
Within days, baby brother was on the program.

We then had his first meeting with his oncologist team, and they
confirmed he had lymphoma. It was a ' grey' lymphoma which is neither
hodgkins nor non hodgkins and needed a very aggressive treatment.

He started his first course of chemo 10 days after he first started
taking the oil. For 6 months he went through the agony of chemo
while taking the oil religiously every day. Not only did the oil
help with the extreme nausea, it helped him sleep, give him an
appetite  (Which is so important to keep up strength ) and make long
days of nothing but being uncomfortable disappear!

He got  married 2 weeks after his last  course of chemo in October
2016 and got the best news of a lifetime that he is cancer free a
month after that!

We are all very grateful to be telling the story with a happy
ending, we all do believe that it is the oil that was taken in those
critical early days before chemo was administered, that made all the
difference between  life cancer free and life of still being a cancer
sufferer .

We are all taking it every day.  Brother as a preventative /
management measure. The rest of us as a prophylactic against
cancer, altzheimers and parkinsons. Oil2Health is the miracle that we
have all be searching for and it saves lives!

Anyone who has heard his story is gobsmacked and anyone who gets
diagnosed and knows his story wants more info about Oil2Health and
program. Which we share wholeheartedly!

It has to be made legal! Think of the lives it will save and the
amount of funds government can allocate elsewhere (police can be used
to fight actual CRIME AND CORRUPTION and not the catch the guy who is trying to make a living by manufacturing this life saving miracle


Testimonial - Lizelle
In middle of 2017 I suffered 3 asthma attacks in two and a half months. I was becoming more sick every month and I was feeling desperate to get better. I was referred to Gerd, Oil2Health by a friend and decided to give cannabis oil a chance.

I saw Gerd in September 2017, he opened a file for me, did a consultation and explained how everything works. He gave me Cannabis oil Oil2Health specifically for asthma. He is such a wonderful man and so knowledgeable. 

I started taking the oil and within one week I was off Cortisone pills, in two weeks I was only taking one asthma pump instead of three. I started sleeping better and my chest was open. The oil was making me feel better without putting all the pharmaceuticals in my body.

February 2018 I found out I was pregnant. After struggling to fall pregnant for 2 years, I am convinced taking cannabis oil helped me fall pregnant as well. I stopped taking the oil for the first 3 months of my pregnancy, and within the first two weeks of not taking the oil, my asthma flared up again and I became ill. I had a very difficult pregnancy where I vomited every day, all day and with my asthma back, I was feeling awful. I did a lot of research about cannabis oil and pregnancy and decided that I would put myself back on the oil. I kept the dose very low, only 2 drops at night and within a week my asthma was better and the oil also helped my nausea.

In September 2018 I had a beautiful, healthy baby girl. She is perfect. I continued to use 2 drops at night throughout breastfeeding. This helped me not get baby blues, like I had with my first pregnancy. It also helped my milk supply and helped me remain calm throughout those first few tough weeks. My baby girl is 6 months old now and is doing well.

Change of season is always the worst for my asthma, between March  and May I always get sick. Touch wood, it's March 2019 now and I have no signs of getting sick and I only have Oil2Health to thank for that.

Not only has cannabis oil got my asthma under control, my anxiety is under control, my stress levels are also under control and my mind feels more clear.

I would recommend Oil2Health to people suffering from asthma.

Thank you Gerd, Oil2Health, for changing my life and helping me to get healthy. 


Age: 74
Condition: Emphisema

The Doctor said that I have 3 months to live and that my family must say their goodbyes.

I started using
Oil2Health and after 3 years I can still breathe.

I can breathe without the oxygen and I am well as can be.

December 2016

Age: 52:
Condition: Cancer Left Breast

My right breast was surgically removed due to cancer. Chemo therapy did not work for me, so surgery was required.

The cancer spread to the left breast. I decided to use Oil2Health.
After 6 months the doctor examined me and no cancer was found in my body.

I will recommend Oil2Health to anyone for any condition.

4 January 2017

Age: 39
Illness: Colon Cancer Stage 2
Period of treatment: 8 Months

I was informed in 2015 by a Doctor, that areas are of concern regarding my Colon. Neglect and poor diet has led me to have the situation and within a few months it had only gotten more aggressive.

I’d contacted a friend who spoke to me about the benefits of Oil2Health and found a herbalist who had provided with the oil. With immediate use of the medicine, my pain and colon was no longer so intense, the pain had reduced and my appetite returned allowing me to eat the correct healthy foods and nutrients for my body to fight off the cancer and heal my colon.

After 8 months of constant use of Oil2Health, I am in remission and continue to use the medicine until such time where my body and the cancer is completely removed or under control.

I thank those who reached out to help me, for without Oil2Health I would be much worse and it has saved my life!

Yours truly
8 January 2017

To Whom it may concern,


I’m a 51 year old female that was diagnosed with breast cancer Stage 1 A, in November 2016.

I had the growth (about 7mm) surgically removed and went for radiation for 8 weeks from Monday to Friday. This was the local radiation that works only on the sick area. Even though it only works locally I had a lot of side effects:

-        Anxiety

-        Panic attacks

-        Bouts of depression

-        Liver was affected due to radiation. Could not eat even though I was hungry but after 2 bites I felt I had overindulged and felt nauseas.

-        Sensitive skin around the area that got radiation.  

-        Nipple got very dry and sore.

-        All the side effect where due to the radiation and not my mental state. Although I know that when anyone gets the diagnoses of cancer it’s always a big shock to the system and can’t be underestimated.

I started using OIL2HEALTH. From December 2016 until today, it really helped me to cope with all the side effects. It really helps me to cope with my daily work as I feel less anxious. I combined it with vitamins and herbal medicine.

As the chemicals from the radiation get less and so do my symptoms I use less of the oil too.

I can’t say if the cannabis had any medical effect on my health regarding cancer, but all I know is I’m cancer free and feel great.

I do believe that it had a very positive effect on me combating my cancer and would recommend it to any one that is going through a medical trauma.

I also used hemp oil for the skin and nipple and organic nipple cream.

As of today 29/05/2017 I’m still cancer free and don’t take any medication other than my vitamins, the OIL2HEALTH oil and herbal products.


Kind regards,


Our ten year old Jack Russell female was diagnosed with Immune-mediated emolytic Anemia.


The vet put her on very strong antibiotics and cortisone medication.


Each week she got worse and her red blood cell count continued going down and the medication dosages increased in an attempt to save her life.


She would no longer eat and was rapidly losing weight and it was clear that she was dying.


As a last result we managed to get hold of some cannabis oil from  OIL2HEALTH.


We immediately started with the drops and initially this knocked her a bit as she slept for a solid eighteen hours. But already her breathing appeared less laboured.


She also started eating a little food. But we soon realised that it was vital that she gets good nutrition. We cooked liver with vegetables and liquidised this to enable us to feed her every two hours to build her up.


She was soon walking outside and even started barking at people walking past the house. Her red blood cell count also increased from 10 to 11 after one week on the cannabis oil.


Unfortunately she could not be taken off the medication, supplied by the vet, especially the cortisone, as this would cause other problems. If her red blood cell count increased enough, the vet would start the weaning process off the cortisone medication. We continued with the cannabis oil as well as the medication.


Each day she was a little better, and eventually it was no longer necessary to liquidise the food, as she started eating the cooked liver and vegetables by herself.


However, the strong medication supplied by the vet took its toll on her liver and we had to sadly put her down as her liver had failed as a result of the heavy dosages of cortisone.

My experience with OIL2HEALTH treatment from March 2016 till current.

Daleen : 28 September 2016. 


I first met Gerd through a mutual friend in 2015.  For my dad (who also has cancer), but I knew it was actually for me.  I got diagnosed the first time in 2010. I went to the doctor (Menlyn Hospital) for something completely different and though while I was there to do the AIDS test also do some more female tests.  My family history was full of cancer but I never expected it really to happen to me.


I was going through an already very bad divorce, my daughter went back to live with stepdad instead of me, then was physically attacked and abused in various ways so things just couldn’t get any worse at that point.  I was wrong.  The doctor called me and asked me to come in. To make a long story short, I never went for the “more tests”.  With the other personal trouble I was going through at that time, death would have been welcome.  


Since then until March 2016 I had trouble eating, either sleeping too much or too little, had panic attacks, no air in the blood, dizzy spells, pains but the worse was depression, etc., and the list goes on.  I was bad. Anyone who knew me then will know I was a mess.


Then in February 2016 I lost everything again, but by choice. Me, my body, my nerves, everything just had enough.  Seeing I don’t ovulate at all anymore, I knew something terrible was wrong when more pain started coming and going and swelling started, then that weird feeling.


I contacted Gerd again in February 2016 (I cut my finger badly and the blood which “foamed” out was very light red, and the blood didn’t stain my pants at all, I thought I had AIDS, went into another one of my panics and I contacted Gerd again in March 2016 and started my full-on treatment in March 2016.  To get onto the high dosage required was difficult but I was eager to get well and I persisted.  The high dosage was at times a little “high” but my will to live is stronger.


I finally did my tests again, including AIDS, CANCER and others (just to make sure) August 2016, this year. I AM CLEAN OF EVERYTHING and I am as healthy as a horse all the tests say, but I knew it because I feel amazing. 


Within a couple of days of starting the treatment the night pains I use to wake up from every night were getting less and less.  Daytime pain was way more manageable and I could work again and pick up heavy stuff.  My strength I regained fully, my lungs are breathing better and all over my health is excellent.  Depression is something of the past completely.  My appetite is normal again, which I need to take my long walks I have energy for again.  I have my life back again.


Gerd, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart. He gave me my life back.  I have a future to look forward to now.  His help and understanding of the product is amazing.   The information he gives out is accurate and very helpful. His knowledge of the nutritional information, which is also very important in the healing process of the body is better than any normal doctor ever discussed with me ever in my life.  He is truly a good, kind and honest man who puts the patient first.


Other improvements I also noticed since starting the treatment is:


Bladder control. My bladder sustained injuries during my attacks which cause my bladder to “leak” after my bathroom visits.  It completely stopped. Thank you Gerd & Cannabis Oil for saving me that embarrassment too.


I will take OIL2HEALTH cannabis oil for the rest of my life as an all-round good herb to use for 1001 illnesses.  Gaia sure knows best.

ANTON - 9 JULY 2018

I treated my Skin Cancer with OIL2HEALTH oil in 8 weeks, with topical applications and oral intake.

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