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Making Cannabis Oil Suppositories

With Pamela Javid Haymes


This is great for upping your dosage. When necessary we can get onto one gram a day using this method in the period of two weeks.
You can end up with 2 grams a day and not get very high at all. 



Suppository drug delivery is becoming a more viable option for pharmacists and nurses, since suppositories provide direct access to the systemic circulation, efficiently  bypassing the portal circulation and the liver metabolism on the first pass. It is a little known fact that the lower and middle hemorrhoidal veins bypass the liver and do not undergo first-pass metabolism. Therefore, suppositories can deliver the drug rapidly to the lower and middle hemorrhoidal veins for absorption. The rectum is an interesting area for drug absorption because it is not buffered and has a neutral pH. It also has very little enzymatic activity, thus enzymatic degradation does not occur. The rectal mucosa is more capable than the gastric mucosa of tolerating various drug-related irritations. This is especially important in patients with gastric disease. The anorectal physiology provides a large surface area for drug absorption.

                            Cocoa butter stays firm at room temperature and does'nt irritate the                                                      delicate mucous membranes of the wall of the rectum.                     

                                      WITH suppository MOULDS
                Suppository moulds 2mil
                small glass [to melt 20mil cocoa butter] 
                20mil syringe
               cocoa butter

Process      Making 10 suppositories with 5 drops each.

               Take about [bit more to ensure quantity] 20mil cocoa butter . [Measuring by  eye what 
               fits into the 20mil syringe]
               Melt in microwave [on very low heat / if too hot suppositories don't set too well again]
               or double boiler.[cocoa butter melts at 24degC]

               Suck up 20mil into syringe
               Making 10 moulds with 5 drops each so we add 50 drops tincture.
               When adding the tincture close the tip of syringe with finger, turn upside down and pull
               out plunger then add 50 drop.Then insert plunger back and shake well.Fill
               suppository moulds with 2mil each.
               Place moulds upright in small container in freezer overnight or good few hours and can                       then be stored in a cool place.

                                      WITH  PLASTIC STRAW
Cocoa butter
                Thick straw [ Kentucky Krusher straw works well ]
                Tot/shot glass
                Lighter /Washingpeg / paperclip

Makes about 7 suppositories

Close one end of straw with lighter,paperclip or washingpeg to seal

Check how much fits into straw by shortly filling with water ,pouring into syringe to measure [eg 14mil [making suppositories of 2cm each] 
Melt cocoa butter [melts luke warm 24degreesCel] in a tot glass by putting the glass in a cup of hot water.
Suck up melted  cocoa-butter [eg14ml] with syringe,close tip[with finger] and pull out plunger
[at opposite end] then add desired dosage drops [eg suppositories with 5 drops each need a total of 35drops], put back plunger and shake

Place upright in freezer for 12hours then can be kept in cabinet or fridge [normally dont melt at room temperature]

Cut into 2cm portions/suppositories then can be kept in cabinet or fridge . Cocoa butter stays firm at room temps and doesn't irritate the delicate  mucous membranes of the anus

Example Straw:
                 added 35 drops and want dosage of 5 drops each

                       Cut into 7 portions,giving suppositories of 5 drops each







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