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Dear Gerd


This letter is so say thank you so much for your help with my elderly dog Tex.

Tex is 14 years old and suffers from really bad arthritis, he also got bitten by another dog badly on his behind which the vet was scared would make him incompetent.


The vet gave him really expensive pills for his spine to fuse them this helped but he was in a lot of pain at night and the vet suggested the same mediation my mom was on a synthetic morphine) This helped but he had constipation from them. 


He also was not being able to get up and get outside to do his business and it got quite messy.


Two weeks later after finding the correct dosage for him, one drop a night before bed, He is not only out of pain but wakes me up again to go outside to do his business.

When I take out his medication he is so keen to lick that drop and also seems to know in which drawer if put it and pushes his nose at the door if i am a bit late for his medication, I have to say that some youth has been restored in him his barking and protectiveness is back and I have a happy and comfortable old dog.


When I told the vet she said she couldn't say yes but said she would try that instead of the morphine based medication.


In my moms last days she would ask for the drops as the other pain medication made her feel sick. Funny the Dr  who was treating her said the same thing, that He would rather use the drops than the morphine based painkillers



Thank you again

King Regards

Testimonial for Dexter

I have had Dexter since he was a 6 week old puppy. He is a beautiful brindal, mixed breed. Because he is mixed, his back is a bit long for his shortish legs, so I knew early on that he would eventually have back problems.

As he became a senior dog, his lower back got more and more stiff and painful. I built various ramps for all the stairs, which helped him a lot, but because of the pain, he moved around less and subsequently put on weight, which added to his back problems.
The Vet gave him Rimadyl (anti-inflammatory) but warned that it would damage his liver and kidneys, so I only gave it to him when he was really bad.

I also got him glucosamine, which lubricates the joints to help mobility. It helped very slightly.

At this point I felt a bit helpless and I asked a friend of mine, for some Cannabis Oil, which she got from Gerd OIL2HEALTH, and was using it for her cancer.

It was strong oil, so I only gave Dexter a pin pricks worth, in his dinner every night. Because it had high THC in it, it zonked him out. He was old and didn't do anything, other than sleep in the evenings anyway - so it was fine. I didn't give him in the mornings as I didn't feel it was right, to have him zonked out during the day as well. 

When the oil ran out, I chatted to Gerd and he told me that the Cannabis oil for cancer was too strong for animals and gave me the correct one to use.

I carried on giving it to Dexter in his food every night, and the transformation was incredible. He became like a puppy again, hopping around with that fat body of his and playing with my newest (much younger) rescue. I was thrilled with these results.
Also, the fact that I wasn't damaging something else in his little body, just so that he could move around, made me sleep better.

Dexter is 14 years old, so he is a proper old man and I will do anything to make his golden years as comfortable as possible. Gerd has been a lifesaver for Dex. Not only is his back so much better, he can not only walk normally, but he can even sort-of run as well.
Thanks to Gerd, OIL2HEALTH, he has maintained his Alpha status in the household and the best part is, that there are no chemicals damaging something else in his body.

I have so much love and gratitude in my heart for Gerd and the wonderful work he is doing with his Oils. 

Thank you Gerd. May God bless you with many years on this earth, to keep helping people and animals, who have been let down by pharmaceuticals.

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