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Humans have been dealing with viruses from day one. Viruses cannot be killed but rather mostly mutate every season. Health organisations around the world advise a strong immune system being the best deterrant. Included below are some suplements which had good results with last year's corona virus as per Lancet publications


Cannabis compounds do not directly kill viruses.
Cannabinoids however, balance and strengthen the Immune System.
In the case of Covid-19, many patients unfortunately succumb to the Cytokine Storm (which is an immune system over-reaction ] 

Oil2Health is not a direct virus killer, but rather an effective prevention and manager and modulator of the immune system, and in conjunction with the below supplements, an ideal combination.

NB Vit C  [organic]2-3g every hour or when sick 10g/hr
          Cannot overdose on VitC but can promote loose stools [reduce                      dosage]
          Highest VitC Kamu-kamu
          Amla berry
          Elderberry [decativates viruses] 1tsp/day
          Sauerkraut [probiotics]
          Bell Peppers
          Kim Chi

NB Vit D3 [organic] 5000IU/day [when sick 2/day]
          Cod liver oil

NB Vit A   Cod liver oil

NB  Zinc    30mg/day [NB for viruses] oysters,organ meats,pumpkin seeds

Black Liquorice [Glycerhyzin] Lancet reports good results with last corona

Olive leaf extract [immune boosting]

Selenium [NB for cell functions]

Cloroquine 500mg 1 or 2 per day depending on body weight [the latest showing good results to be taken with Zinc ][For more info reference Dr Eric Berg ] 

Oil of Oregano 5-6 drops /day

Coloidal Silver 1tsp 5-6 times/day


Skullcap [inhibits receptors for viruses]

Iodine [with salt pipe inhale every 2 hours]

Sugar [as little as possible]


Acenacia [ lungs and immune system]

Sage [ can also smudge the air for viruses]

Cinnamon [raises temp and can also be used with coconut oil to rub on                      chest]



Marshmellow root

White horebound


Acenacia [lungs and immune system]


Nature's great immune boosters as we know a strong immune-system being the best deterrent for viruses etc

Trametes Versiclor/Turkey Tail mushrooms boost immune system so much as even reversing cancers [in stock @R290 ]

Reishi nature's great adaptogen increasing effectiveness of other functions including cannabis oil 50mil@R200 100mil@R400

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